Person Relaxing After Massage with CBD Oils

What’s driving the widespread discussion around CBD?

Natural serenity ?

There is a lot of information on the internet in scientific publications and in the numerous zenitude and relaxation magazines. Stress is considered the illness of the 21st century at the heart of our Western societies. Originally, stress is a very effective defense mechanism that allows us to react quickly to a complex or dangerous situation.

The problem is that today, sources of stress are everywhere: at work, at home, in the world around us and its future evolution, etc. It has become extremely difficult to avoid stress and anxiety and, in the end, these emotions can have deeply harmful effects on our well-being. Allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by pressure can quickly lead to anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. It is no coincidence that the number of long-term illnesses related to stress is increasing. However, stress is not inevitable.

Nature offers us wonderful green allies to improve our well-being: there are many plants and flowers that are full of benefits and that we find in the form of dietary supplements, oils, etc. The hemp cannabis plant and CBD reveal multiple virtues, which are well documented in scientific reports.

The topic of Cannabidiol, the cannabis derivative, increasingly revolves around what role it may play one day in well-being.

One reads more and more often that CBD is an effective ally to free oneself of different issues. We can confirm CBD is an entirely natural substance. Many plants exist in nature that have shown to contribute to stress and anxiety and that have played a role to help regain serenity and harmony. But what is CBD? It is the abbreviation of the word cannabidiol, which refers to the active molecule derived from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa L.

No need to worry, even if botanically speaking, cannabis and hemp belong to the same species, their transformation and the presence of THC differentiate them. Indeed, cannabis naturally contains THC and CBD. It is the active principle of THC that has psychotropic effects and can cause addiction or side effects, not the active principle of CBD. Nature has allowed the coexistence of these two components because they interact: the growth of the plant requires both elements. However, there are ways to isolate cannabidiol from the plant, or to produce cannabis plants that preferably contain CBD. That’s why CBD is perfectly safe and its use is legal in Europe and Belgium. It is therefore perfectly possible and legal to consume CBD within the framework of legislation, since it has no psychotropic effects.

Could it be recognised as a natural anti-stress solution

A World Health Organization report published in 2018 concluded that CBD could be useful in the treatment of many conditions and that its consumption could be highlighted for its neuroprotective, anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, and even anti-tumor properties.

In this article, we seek to help you find more information on the evolving discussions around consuming CBD and update you on publications and data related to CBD and improvements in well-being or other material related to health care. Several scientific studies are on going that are looking at whether CBD’s effectiveness is comparable to that of anxiolytics in relieving acute stress.

To understand CBD one must first look at the endocannabinoid system, which scientific reports have demonstrated regulates multiple functions of our body and nervous system. This vast network is responsible for many physiological mechanisms, from hunger to sleep to mood. Our brain is capable of creating its own cannabinoid receptors, whose function is to regulate and reduce stress. Therefore one can now often read that CBD binds to the receptors in the body that act on several physical sensations that could be related to stress. It is a great relief that significantly more scientific research is now under way to get to better know the cannabis plant that has been banished and neglected over the years.

There are still many questions and much scientific research going on around the role of CBD in the nervous system and more specifically in relation to serotonin, the neurotransmitter sometimes referred to as the “happiness hormone”. When we are anxious, the level of serotonin produced by our body tends to decrease, resulting in negative emotions and even sadness or depression. Any molecule that has the ability to activate certain serotonin receptors and increase the brain’s response in order to regulate the level of this hormone would naturally improve overall well-being and ones mood.Furthermore, such a molecule would also have a long-term effect on the formation of neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that defines and regulates mood.

In addition, another property of CBD that is increasingly being debated in the most recent university studies and scientific articles concerns sleep. Could it be demonstrated that CBD  would regulate and lower the level of cortisol (“stress hormone”) present in the body, allowing for easier sleep and better quality and duration.

Should CBD be able to demonstrate in the future that it combines several actions with a similar effect to prescription anxiolytics, but without the side effects and dependence this would be a significant advancement in the area of wellness. Research on the health benefits of CBD oil is still ongoing, it should be noted that since scientific studies are still pushing the boundaries of knowledge further everyday and that until then and without strict medical evidence, hemp oil is not considered a medicine and only allowed as a dietary supplement in certain parts of the world.

We read a lot online about CBD oil extracted from hemp for feel good effects?

Nature offers us this wonderful hemp plant which can be cultivated in Belgium, in the heart of our Brabant terroir and under the best possible conditions. We seek to use local products from our own Belgian cannabis plantation as much as possible and guarantee the quality and transparency of our product. CBD oil is the most prolific usage of CBD. We make our CBD oil by mixing cannabidiol extracted from the flower and hemp plant with quality cannabis sativa vegetable oils from Belgium.