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A complete state of harmony of the body, mind and spirit

A potent botanical premium CBD sativa solution. A fair, local and authentic product. The plant in a bottle. Harmony can only be reached if there is a balance between ourselves and our surroundings. Being at one with planet earth is at the heart of our well being and spirit. Mother Nature has provided so generously. With this in mind we cultivated a 100% natural and sustainable  hemp plant. A first in Belgium for hemp sativa. We grow our hemp oil on certified land and we apply regenerative soil techniques. This approach ensures we have full control and transparency over the source and the quality of our hemp sativa oil ingredient. CBD is legal and has no psychotropic effects and creates no dependency.



Straight from the Earth. Replicating the plant. Passionate about the plant.


Embrace and love your body. You are your only limit. You can be…..


Quality and Transparency and Locally grown.


Tranquillity and peace.

What is CBD?

CBD also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) and is the second most studied of this family, after THC. Unlike THC, CBD is legal in Europe and does not cause psychotropic effects or any dependency. CBD is a major compound in hemp, just superior to flavonoids and terpenoids. Cannabidiol acts as an antagonist with central nervous system receptors, otherwise known as CB1 and CB2. These endogenous cannabinoid receptors, also called the endocannabinoid system, and CBD have a very low affinity, as with the other receptors on which it can act. CBD has health benefits and is no way a recreational or harmful substance.


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Our Full spectrum oil quintessence is a premium royal quality CBD, in addition to a wide range of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds work in harmony to produce what is know as “the entourage effect”.

Our locally-focused approach and our first in class hemp plantation in Belgium provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the plant and enable us to carefully select high-quality ingredients. By working closely with our laboratory, we have developed a premium royal quality oil. We invite you to visit our hemp sativa plantations, as we value transparency in our operations.

The hemp sativa plant has been grown around the world for centuries. The plant has many biological attributes, fits sustainably into the local harvesting cycles and helps fix carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to offset climate change.

From Soil to Sciences. Full traceability. So you can chill out.

It all starts in the soil. The rich Belgian countryside has for centuries provided healthy plants and oils to ensure our well being. At Canbe we nurture our own natural hemp plants in the local terroir to obtain a rich and healthy sustainable oil. As the Belgian CBD pionner growing our own plants locally, we control the origin of our premium quality oil. Our love of the land means we are proud of our seasonal production. Sustainable hemp sativa contributes massively to carbon sequestration and soil regeneration.

The hemp plant has many uses and has been shown to make high quality textile products, great home insulation materials. Scientific studies have also shown that CBD from the hemp plant can inhibit endocannabinoid signalling in a dose-dependent manner, by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

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